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Journey of a Healer

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 11:00 AM

If anyone had told me 12 years ago that I would be an energy healer I would have done what all cops would have, I would have smiled, asked you for your drivers license and run your name through the data bases to see what asylum you had escaped from. However, sometimes Spirit has ideas for your life.

Back then, I was quite happy being a cop. I had a dog as a partner, and he was awesome (never complained about what we were going to eat for supper, how late we were working or how long I was out partying with my co-workers the night before - nope, he was just always happy to see me). I was not looking to change anything about my life. I enjoyed the party scene, I enjoyed being a cop and working with an elite group of cops who partnered with dogs. I was content... not happy, but content with my life.

Fast forward 2 years and there came a night when my whole world shifted in a way that would change me forever. While on patrol, Easter Sunday 2005, my Sergeant/Friend was shot and killed while doing a traffic stop and I was unable to save him. Back then, I still believed that I had that ability - to save a human being. Yet, through one of the worst tragedies in my life came one of the biggest blessings. That blessing was learning about Pranic Healing, and finally taking my first class to learn how to do it myself. That was in 2005.

For the first 4 years after taking the class, though I received healings at times, I never stepped out of the metaphysical closet to tell anyone that I was a healer. Honestly, as a cop, who amoung those that I worked with could I tell that I could reach into thier energy and heal their physical body - I'll answer that, I worked in the redneck rivera... No one - not one. Not without being given a tinfoil hat and given a little coat that would ensure I hugged myself every day... So, I did not tell anyone. It was not until 2009 when I was sent across several states for work purposes that I met someone who brought me out of that closet. It was another cop, and one who believed in auras and healing and energy and in turn would ask me sometimes to do a healing on him. When I would ask what I was healing I would usually be told "you're the healer. Figure it out, then tell me what you find. I believe in you", so I would. And you know, I was always right with what I found. This friend gave me the confidence to take more classes and learn more about this healing modality and I will forever be grateful for the part they played then and the part they will play in the future.

By 2011 I had taken every class I could possibly take to include Arhatic Yoga, which accelerated my journey more. By 2013 I had come out of my metaphysical closet and chose to tell people I worked with what I chose to do when I was not carrying a badge and gun. I still got some strange looks but after healing a couple of the folks I worked with of things like Gout and sprains or stress, there were some who were curious, if not interested in what I did. But then I did not explain to them that I was not doing the healings, that I was only a channel for the energies of God and the Angels to heal them. I was not quite ready to tell them that part. I could see the looks and the eye rolls before my mouth ever spoke... "sooooo, you work for the Angels, and God heals through you.... ooookkkkayyyyy". Yeah, I could see myself sitting in front of the Chief, who while we were friends, always had looked at me a little sideways never quite sure if I was entirely sane (in his defense, sometimes I wondered that myself), I was quite certain if I divulged too much to these men and women I worked with, I would be placed in front of the psychologist on many occassions.

By the end of 2013 my law enforcement career had ended and it was probably a good time for that to happen. I say that simply because it was not long afterward while doing a healing that I had a full out conversation with my Guides and Angels. Well, now, isn't that interesting. I used to give folks a one way ride to the behavioral unit when they told me they heard voices in their heads... wait, now I am too? Great. I guess the funniest part of all of it was that I understood I was hearing voices that were helping me heal, but they wanted me to do something I did NOT want to do, and well, I argued with them long and hard and then did it their way anyway.

Seriously people, when someone looks at me aghast and says "you argue with your guides?" I laugh. Of course I do. I've cussed at them too. Why? because that's they way I used to handle stress. Really, I'm hearing voices in my head and all you want to do is ask if I argue with them? WELL YESSSSS, I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD, I was not at all sure that was cool with me. And don't shake your head at me in reproach either. My Guides, Angels and Spirit Family have been with me my whole life - they already know that I have an attitude!  Years later I realize that they've always been there and with me, I've always heard them and they've always guided me. What I failed to realize back then was that I blocked them out and did not ask for their guidance enough or more to the point I would ask for their help and guidance but failed to listen to the answers they gave, showed or hinted at.

See I'm a bit hard-headed (okay, yes, yes, for those who know me I'll say it - I'm more than a bit) and sometimes I would ask, then ask again, and again, and finally the answer would come in a way that made it imperative that I actually hear them... like being run over by a car, or being called across states to meet someone who would change my perceptions of my own world, or going to my first Spiritual Retreat in Bovina N.Y.... all of those things have changed me in ways that have made my journey unique and interesting.

I started my journey when I was born. They say when you are born you already know who you are and what you are supposed to be in life. Then you take your first breath and everything changes. Experiences in life mold you and you move further away from yourself and your higher soul and the knowledge you came to this world with. You go through life learning the lessons that you choose to learn in ways that get the point across, and you either survive it and flourish, or you choose to become bitter and block your highest good. I can tell you that I have done both and until I chose to embrace who I am now, I was bitter. I've changed and I can say I still struggle at times but I am embracing my path as a healer.

Since 2005 my life has been a journey. There have been many people in my life that have been my greatest strength and my greatest weaknesses, but each, no matter how beautiful the relationship, or how difficult, has been a blessing in some small way. Through some of the toughest trials in my life, I have come out the otherside with the brightest blessings. I cannot say that I've always enjoyed that journey, but I can say that through learning Pranic Healing, using the tools I have been given by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, my teachers,  and meeting all the beautiful people this path has drawn into my life, I am a better person than I was back then.

One of my toughest lessons has been to understand that sometimes in order to move forward in life you have to let go of things and people that no longer serve your highest good. No matter how much you love them, or how hard it is,.It is through the struggle that you find your strength in the end. It was also hard to understand that sometimes what seemed like my darkest moments, moments when I could not see the light in my life, moments when I was not able to accept the offered support of those who loved and believed in me, those darkest moments were the moments that would in the end mold me into the person I am becoming today and one that can reach out to others who are struggling to understand. I cannot say that I know where you've been, where you walk or know where your own journey is taking you, but I can say that I have had my own and am willing to reach out to you if you will but take my hand.

thank you KSK, EOW 3/27/05 - My Sergeant, my Mentor, my friend - my darkest tragedy - my most difficult lesson, and one of my most brightest blessings.

Thank you Mike Jones - 2/13/2016 - my strongest ally for almost 2 decades, my sounding board, my conscience, my clown, my champion, my best friend. I know you will forever be a part of me but I will miss you in my world.

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