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How to Meet an Empath

Posted on January 10, 2015 at 11:40 AM


How to Meet an Empath


Before you ever speak, before you ever acknowledge me, as our eyes meet and a smile begins to bloom, your energy speaks. Your energy speaks to me long before your voice crosses the distance to my ears. When I listen closely I can feel what your words fail to speak. I feel your frustration, your fear of meeting someone new. Your fear of being hurt again. I feel your agitation and aggravation. I feel your negativity... I feel your love, your joy, your amusement and your excitement. I feel all of these things long before I hear your words.


Your energy speaks volumes to me long before we speak. I feel the hope of love and positivity your soul shines even through the negativity your mind clouds it with. It is that soul I come to know and love through all your humanness. Speak to me gently with your energy for I too am human-- Lorah/2015


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