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This Is Your Foundation

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 3:15 PM

These are the things you must remember.

When you acknowledge that your negative memories are just that, memories of a time past that will never come again and matters no longer, you can build your future from the lessons of the past. You know what you enjoy. You know what you love, and you know what you desire. From these lessons, you know too what you do not desire to have in your life.

This is your foundation. This is where you begin to build to create everything you truly desire in your life.

Build your life as you want it. Eliminate thoughts of scarcity. Eliminate thoughts of not being deserving of the joy you desire. Eliminate the memories which no longer serve you with joy.

You do deserve all that you desire and so much more. It is not selfish to want more for yourself. In your own happiness, as you attain all that you truly desire - happiness, joy, abundance, love - you bring these things to others and help them on their own path.

Raising your own vibration raises those you are connected to. Those you love and cherish- This is what it means to work on yourself.

Healer heal thyself, and all others will be healed because we are all connected. Only the ego is seperate. Only the ego chooses grief, anger, fear and separateness. In the infinite expanse of things - in the infinite expanse of universe - we are one. ~Lorah

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